Our Homeowner’s Association (HOA) works to keep The JB Whites Building community running smoothly. Here’s a closer look at where those monthly dues are going.

The HOA carries a homeowners insurance policy on the exterior and structure of the building. The condo owner is only individually responsible for insurance of the interior and contents…typically about 50% of typical homeowner’s insurance.

HOA Dues also cover maintenance, janitorial services, lighting maintenance, landscaping, trimming and blowing of walkways and parking area, elevator operation and maintenance, and electricity/water/sewage for common spaces. The dues also cover big-ticket expenses like roof repair and replacement.

The building’s state-of-the-art controlled entry system operation and maintenance, and camera coverage of public spaces are all included in the monthly HOA dues.

Is It Worth It?
Yes! In fact, other downtown Augusta condominium buildings generally charge approximately 20% more than we do. Next time you’re considering the HOA cost, compare that monthly fee to the cost of maintaining a freestanding home with roof, painting, exterior and yard maintenance, even the lawnmower and trimmer. Experience the value in living a low maintenance lifestyle that allows you to spend more time enjoying Downtown Augusta!