Modern Technology

From secure gated parking, to foyer entry control, to building-wide integrated video camera systems, the JB White’s Building offers residents the latest in security
and convenience.

Parking access is controlled by proximity card (card key) as are the elevator lobbies. Misplace your card key? No problem, access the private lobby using your cell phone. Cell phone access to the elevator lobby allows residents to provide entry for guests and delivery men even when the resident is away from the building.

Building monitoring includes cameras for all commons spaces and the human element, security personnel for evening coverage. A security personnel tracking system further ensures full building-wide coverage by the uniformed staff. Want more convenience? The JB Whites Building offers residents up-to-date news and weather outside of each elevator lobby. Not sure what the weather is outside? While you wait for your ride, you will be able to know weather you should run back to your home for a jacket or umbrella.